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Collaborate with consular authorities and leaders of host countries


Create business opportunities in the DRC and in host countries


 Orientation and mentoring framework for Congolese students abroad 


Identify existing skills and

make them available for the DRC

Together, let's act

"The Congo is great, it   demands of us 
         Patrice Emery Lumumba

Emery Patrice Lumumba.jpeg
Patrice Emery Lumumba

Our roots, our future

"Take your time but   don't forget to come home
in your country".

           Felix Thisekedi, President of the Republic

Felix Tshisekedi.jpeg
Felix Tshisekedi, President

Message from the President of FICE

Congolese abroad have always loved their dear motherland and beautiful country. They participated in the struggle for the advent of democracy; they have not ceased to reflect on the ways and means for its development, they have invested in different fields and have supported their compatriots through various charities.

Formerly prevented or discouraged in several ways by previous regimes, today the country has a supreme magistracy, a Head of State who calls on their talents and investments to build a more beautiful country than before. The Forum of Congolese Intellectuals Abroad (FICE) was born in response to this will of the President of the Republic, his Excellency Félix-Antoine Tshilombo.

FICE has members in several countries across all continents. It has a branch in the DRC and works in collaboration with all institutions, different sectors of national life and all social strata throughout the country.


Dr Joel Nshisso NGOIE

PhD in International Business

MBA in Management

I invite compatriots in the diaspora who are not yet members to join FICE, the unique framework par excellence to protect your rights and make you discover the different opportunities that fit with your aspirations to serve the country of our ancestors and the common heritage, gift of the creator God.

May God bless the Democratic Republic of Congo and its President;

May God bless the countries that welcome and protect the Congolese communities;

May God bless the Forum of Congolese Intellectuals Abroad.

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Intellectual analysis

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